Swimwear choices to ace your beach look

Swimwear choices to ace your beach look

Summer is a time for the outdoors. And there is nothing more rejuvenating than spending a day at the beach. While everyone looks forward to frolicking in the sun and sand, finding a swimsuit that flatters your body is a daunting shopping challenge. Enter Lolita!

Finding the right swimwear is a matter of patience and an understanding of style. Before browsing our swimwear collection – spend some time deciding what may suit you best. Look for comfort as much as you look for beauty. Because frankly, my dear, no one wants to see you tugging at your too-tight-to-wear swimwear bottoms all day! Here are some basic dos and don’ts – 


  • Try on different styles. You might find something amazing outside your comfort zone.
  • Pick a smaller size. Swimsuits may expand/sag when wet.
  • Choose a style with adjustable straps and ties. Once tied, lean forward and adjust until your bust is covered.


  • Don’t choose a style just because it is trending. Find a fit that flatters your figure.
  • Don’t pick a larger size expecting more coverage. Larger sizes create fabric gaps that fail to offer proper support in the water.

Pro-Tip: Think Length-Shape-Size

Three determining factors to consider when choosing swimwear are the length of your upper body, the shape of your figure, and your bust size. Thinking about these three aspects of your body will help you understand what you want to highlight and what you want to draw attention away from. 

Swimwear Styles for Different Body-Types

Pear Shape

Big or Small-Chested

  • Clean-skirted bottoms that fall just below the largest part of your upper leg.
  • Plunging necklines/eye-catching tops in popping colours to draw attention to the upper half of your body
  • Monokinis that make you look great without revealing too much
  • High-waisted bottoms in bright coloured bikini sets
  • If you are big-chested, opt for suits with a structure for better support.
  • Underwired bikini tops allow you to run around the beach with confidence.
  • Higher backs are supportive and slimming for well-endowed women.
  • If you are small-chested, choose a design that plays up the bustline.
  • Padded push-tops can give you extra lift to create a cleavage.


Lean Athletic or Teenager Figure

  • Solid coloured swimsuits with attractive detailing can help complement your curves
  • Swim dresses are fabulous to emphasize cleavage while concealing the tummy and thighs.
  • Steer clear of monokinis or string bikinis as they accentuate the broader areas of your body.
  • Boxy halter tops and high waists are also good to highlight your curves.
  • Styles that add femininity to your figure are the best for you.
  • Bold prints, ruffles, and embellishments are great for added intrigue.
  • One-piece swimsuits with slashes or strategically placed cut-outs create curves.
  • Choose a smaller swimsuit bottom to accentuate the curve of your derriere.
  • Tie-side bikini bottoms are great for enhancing curves and adjusting perfectly to your size. 

To look and feel great by the ocean, choose swimwear with both comfort and style. The right type gives you confidence and makes you feel beautiful. Lolita advises you to think of your swimwear as a beach companion, someone to flatter you and offer a solution. Not to forget, that it’s a fashionable piece to have in your wardrobe! Shop now at Lolita.

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