Seven Scuba Diving Destinations to Take Your Breath Away

Seven Scuba Diving Destinations to Take Your Breath Away

If you share my love for scuba diving, you too must always be on the lookout for awesome places to dive. Well, look no further. I believe that the oceans are a miracle of nature that can inspire your mind and reinvigorate your body.

I want to share what I know about some genuinely stunning scuba diving destinations on every continent in this article. I hope you will visit these places soon and, like me, lose yourself in the exotic and natural beauty of the sea.

North America

Belize Islands, Caribbean Region

Belize is a spectacular little island with crystal clear water at the heart of the Caribbean region to make you fall in love with scuba diving. It has the world’s second-largest barrier reef and unique marine life. If you are a beginner, you will surely love scuba diving here. You will see sea turtles, stingrays, and reef sharks with each dive. For experienced divers, I would suggest a short boat ride off the coastline to Gladden Spit, where you can go swimming with the whale sharks.

South America

Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is the only populated island in a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. A restricted number of divers are permitted to visit this protected site. If you do get there, the gorgeous bays with white sandy beaches and warm sapphire waters will urge you to slip on the dry suit and plunge into the water immediately!

The area falls under a marine park rich in fauna like sharks, dolphins, and stingrays.


Lofoten Islands, Norway

Europe has a lot to offer scuba divers. From the beautiful blue water of the Mediterranean Sea to the rich aquatic life of the Baltic Sea, there is much to see. But what indeed took my breath away was the experience of diving in the North Sea. Seasoned divers should go for a swim in the mesmerizing kelp forests under the North Sea. Lofoten Islands in Norway are your chance to swim with the majestic white whales. Enjoy the splendid view of the mountains as you walk down the untouched beaches.


Nosy Be, Madagascar

Africa’s coastline is dotted with beautiful scuba diving locations from north to south. But the place to be in Madagascar. The endemic marine life of Madagascar lures millions of scuba diving enthusiasts from across the globe every year. Nosy Be is an exclusive resort island on the north-western coast of Madagascar. The main attractions include the beautiful coral reef system, the mighty whale shark, and graceful manta rays.


Tubbataha Reef, Philippines

Located ninety-three miles south-east of Puerto Princesa port in the Philippines, Tubbataha Reef Natural Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even though the only way to reach this location is by liveaboard, it is worth it. Tubbataha Marine Park is a scuba diver’s dream come true. The diving sites range from simple shallow look-around to drops of sheer depth. The most popular diving site is the Amos Rock.


The Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef is a 2,300 km stretch of interconnected reefs that house some of the most amazing diving spots. Among them, the Ribbon Reef is one of the most beautiful. Most divers prefer to visit the Ribbon Reef during the turtle nesting season. Another great spot is the Southern Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by exquisite species of tropical fish and corals. Every scuba diving enthusiast, beginner or expert, must visit the great barrier reef once in their lifetime. 


Antarctic Peninsula & the sub-Antarctic Islands

Did you think I was going to leave Antarctica out? No way! Even though this is not a destination frequented by tourists, Antarctica is an adventurer’s paradise. Joining a diving program in Antarctica is not for the faint-hearted! The white-sand beaches and the lush flora will surprise you, but the icy cold waters need some courage to navigate. Take a look at the under-bellies of the great icebergs and observe beautiful penguins, fur seals, and leopard seals in the great white north.

How about you write to me about your favourite scuba diving experiences and we exchange some notes? Drop your thoughts in the comments sections below. I look forward to interesting anecdotes and stories. 

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