How to Plan an Exotic Vacation to a Far Away Land & What to Do There?

How to Plan an Exotic Vacation to a Far Away Land & What to Do There?

We are blessed to live in a connected world where we can travel to new lands and have new experiences whenever we want. But when you are trying to zero in on the perfect destination for an exotic vacation, it is easier said than done. Popular vacation destinations have much to offer, but nothing beats the serenity of an untouched landscape and the adventure of exploring a faraway land.

And that's why you can count on Lolita. In this article, we will tell you about some little-known vacation destinations. If you are looking for a getaway where you can lose yourself in unforgettable experiences, this list is for you – 

  1. Troll Peninsula, Iceland

Among the fjords and mountains of North Iceland, you will find the mesmerizing landscape of the Troll Peninsula. This region's rich culture and landscape hold ample opportunities for novel experiences. There is much to do here, whether you are a seeker of serenity or an adventure lover.

What to do in Troll Peninsula?

  • If you are someone who travels to learn more about faraway lands. In that case, you will find many immersive experiences in the museums and the rich culture of Troll Peninsula.
  • Visit their trendy cafes for artisanal chocolates and freshly-baked cakes and sample the unique local cuisine.
  • Get a taste of tranquillity floating in the geothermally heated pools while you witness a display of the northern lights. 
  • Book a trek to see the glaciers and volcanic rocks in the mountains. 
  • Go skiing on the white slopes or choose a white-water rafting adventure. 
  • Explore the terrain on horseback in Varmahlíð.
  • Whale-watching cruises where you can see the famous humpback, minke, and blue whales that grace the waters around Iceland. 
  1. The Bahamas, Caribbean Islands

I know what you're thinking. Everyone knows the Bahamas. But there are quite a few resorts tucked away in exclusive little corners of this picturesque archipelago – that offer much more than just a seaside vacation. On the one hand, the Exuma Cays & Sea Park is a luxury resort by the beach. And on the other hand, is Elbow Cay on the Abaca Sea coast – a quaint little town with tiny cottages and cobblestone lanes.

What to do in the Bahamas?

  • The crystal-clear waters invite you in. Pack your collection of swimsuits and beachwear to spend your days frolicking in the water!
  • Book a room in the immensely luxurious Exuma resort for a pampering experience.
  • Hire a yacht and go boating in the cool blue sea. You can see up to thirty meters deep in the water on a good day.
  • Scuba diving! The marine life in the Bahamas is bewilderingly beautiful.
  • Get a picture at the Lighthouse of Hope Town in Elbow Cay.
  • Take a boat cruise to Marsh Harbour from Elbow Cay
  • Bird watching at Tilloo Cay reserve.
  1. Bora Bora, Tahiti

The South Pacific paradise in French Polynesia is a haven of coastal bliss. Bora Bora is situated far off the coast of Australia in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Dotted with clusters of coastal palms, the lush greenery and natural beauty of the Bora landscape lure visitors from around the world. The official language here is French, and you can taste the Gallic influence in the gourmet cuisine. 

What to do in Bora Bora?

  • Spend the day at the beach! Of course!
  • Pamper yourself at luxury resorts like the Ritz-Carlton or Conrad
  • Water sports like parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkelling
  • Take a kayak trip to tiny motu (islands)
  • Hiking – The island has some of the most picturesque hiking trails in the world
  • Shark dives – Swim with the sharks and stingrays

When given the opportunity to travel, Lolita urges you to travel far and wide. Pamper yourself all you can and give yourself some time to appreciate the natural beauty of our planet. Soak in new cultures, sample the new cuisines, make new friends, and grow as a person with each trip you take. 

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