Sustainability is an inherent part of our core values at Resort Wear By Lolita — we don’t just want to see the world, we want to do our bit to preserve it too. We are constantly striving to be a more mindful brand - right from production to distribution.

Our environmentally ethical practises are in alignment with this agenda. Resort Wear By Lolita is committed to being the best brand it can be for our team, our extended suppliers and our customers. It is our utmost goal to achieve prosperity for all those associated with Resort Wear By Lolita.

We commit to providing our wider team with opportunities to succeed and have a positive impact. Our collective priority is harmony for the human race and to contribute to the protection of our planet through lower impact clothing production.

Resort Wear By Lolita is focused on moving forward with sustainability at the helm. While we recognize that we are not perfect, we are committed to navigate the complexities of a multifaceted industry with a considered and conscious approach. 

Celebrating our achievements to date while highlighting the areas of improvement so we can make the most impact, for the health of the people and planet that we cherish. Join us as we make an Impact and help you make one too, for a more sustainable future. 


We are Plastic Free

Resort Wear By Lolita has been a plastic-free label since the get-go. We are taking our commitment to being plastic-positive very seriously and are working on building relationships with groups and associations that are working towards reducing, recycling and reusing single-use plastic in a way that saves our oceans and lands. Of Course, all of it can only be done with your help.


Our courier boxes are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Wrapping paper is FSC certified acid-free paper, printed with soy based inks. Our entire packaging can be repurposed in your home, can be used for storing valuable products and memories and can also be recycled if you wish, but we have a feeling you'll keep it for yourselves.


Our garments are designed to last and manufactured with integrity. We source the highest quality fabrics to ensure our swimsuits are ultra-durable and maintain their shape. focusing on timelessness not trends, our pieces have staying power. As a direct-to-consumer brand, we cut out the middleman so we can offer fair pricing for incredible quality.

Our customers are the heart of our community, inspiring us to make women feel confident on the beach and beyond.


We create partnerships and programs that support women around the globe. From commissioning products from artisan groups in the developing world to our commitment of female empowerment is central to our mission.


From our fabrics to the finishing touches and everything in between, we continually aim to reduce the environmental impact of our production through ongoing sustainable fabric development and refining our manufacturing processes.We continue to encourage awareness and action around the critical issue of responsible consumption.

  It takes effort, but it goes a long way