How & why to Plan Your Outfits Before Setting Off on Vacation?

How & why to Plan Your Outfits Before Setting Off on Vacation?

When you are on vacation do you spend an hour every morning panicking about what to wear? Well then, this one’s for you. Planning your travel outfits ahead of time may be the difference between a good vacation and a great one. It guarantees that you have all you need to look good, feel comfortable and get those fantastic Instagram photos every day of your vacation.

Overpacking for a vacation saddles you with heavy luggage. Under packing means spending precious time and money to buy appropriate clothes at your vacation destination. Trust Lolita; life is so much easier when you plan your outfits before getting on that plane.

When you sit down to plan, here are some questions we should all ask – 

  • How’s the Weather There?

  • It may sound a bit obvious, but you’ll be surprised to see how many people forget! I’ve seen girls touring Iceland in glamorous maxi dresses while slowly freezing to death. And others were walking around sunny Cabo in jeans and boots. Sigh! If only you’d planned.

    So, please take a moment to Google the weather at least a week ahead of your vacation to know how hot or cold it will be when you arrive. Packing weather appropriate clothes ensures that you’re never too warm or cold.

  • How Are You Getting There?

  • Getting there is an essential aspect of your planning. If you take a road trip, you can pack more, maybe even bring options for important occasions. On the other hand, if you’re flying – you will need to check the luggage restrictions and weigh your bags to adhere to the limits.

  • What Will You Do There?

  • Think about the activities you will do at your vacation destination. If you will be walking a lot or hiking up a mountain, pack comfortable shoes. For adventure sports, you may want your gym clothes and gear. You will need swimwear, sarongs, and flip flops for a beach destination. Many beach destinations are great spots for clubbing, which means cocktail dresses and heels.

  • Do I Want to be Comfortable or Glamorous?

  • Be both! Pack efficiently, thinking of both function and fashion. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, choose comfortable outfits and not just dresses that can glam up your Instagram Feed. You can look great in comfortable clothes too! Choose day dresses and evening gowns for a chic look if it is a wedding or resort vacation.

  • How Many Days Will I Be There?

  • Is it a weekend getaway? Then you’re probably good with a small bag that carries four or five outfits. Are you going for a week? Then you need at least ten outfits according to whatever it is that you will be doing there. Count the days and add at least two extra outfits while packing. 

    Remember to pack outfits that can be mixed and matched as you go. It will make your luggage load a lot lighter. Don’t be afraid to repeat a pair of jeans or a scarf if it goes with your ensemble. And don’t forget your accessories. Accessories can spice up your vacation outfits. Pack a mix of simple jewellery and statement pieces, swap them around with different outfits for a new look each time.

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