5 Tips to Keep Your Breasts Sweat-free This Summer

5 Tips to Keep Your Breasts Sweat-free This Summer

Your breast skin is sensitive and needs special care around the year, but in summer, women experience an increased level of underboob sweat. 

As per renowned dermatologist Dr Geeta Oberoi:

“This condition is called hyperhidrosis and it can be triggered even in cool weather or when women are not doing physical activity. While sweating is a perfectly natural way for your body to keep itself cool. People with hyperhidrosis tend to have overactive sweat glands, which can create embarrassing moments and physical and emotional duress.”

It’s important to note that while most women experience underboob sweat at some point, it’s exacerbated in women with large or ptotic (droopy) breasts. 

Further, such excessive sweating can lead to severe skin problems such as bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections, that show up in the form of unsightly rashes and patches. 

This is why it is very important to keep taking care of your breast skin.

We are here to help! 

Here are some simple tips to keep your breasts sweat-free this summer:

Go braless or choose cotton bras and loose clothing 

Wear a lightweight bra to keep your breasts from overheating – wearing tight or underwire bras can cause chafing. 

Having said this, your bra should still provide a good fitting and support, so it prevents your breasts from rubbing against each other and ensure your skin has breathing room. 

Also, great news – nowadays bra manufacturers have come up with bras made from sweat-wicking material. Give it a shot? If you’re a true blue sceptic then stick to wearing bras made of naturally absorbent and soft materials such as cotton. 

Apart from this, you can make sure to get bras that are made in designs that provide maximum breathing room, such as a mesh-bra, that is unpadded and thin or a spacer bra made in breathable materials. 

You know what we suggest, society be damned, just go braless! 

Moroccan argan oil is your breast friend 

Moroccan argan oil is extremely effective in curing skin infections caused by bacteria due to its antioxidants. Moreover, argan works wonders in decreasing sweating and resulting irritation. 

For maximum benefit, take three-four drops of oil, and massage under your boobs before you step out in the heat. Some women swear that sweating, odour, and rashes disappear just within days of application. 

Get with the times, use bra liners or sweat pads 

Bra liners are small pieces of stick-on fabrics that you paste under your breasts to create a sweat-absorbing barrier. This is the perfect option for those who have sensitive skin and do not like using chemical products such as powders or creams. 

Some women have started using DIY hacks such as sticking panty liners under the breast to soak up the sweat that pools at the bottom of the bra. These pads provide the added benefit of protecting your clothes from sweat stains but make sure to choose a liner that is 100% cotton. This prevents rashes. 

You can even use nursing pads as breast pads, these are anyway designed to fit inside a bra cup perfectly, so you get the right size with absorbency.

Antiperspirants and deodorants are a must 

Guess what apart from giving your body a nice fragrance, using antiperspirants under your breasts helps prevent sweating. Dermatologists usually recommend a cream or soft solid. Also, make sure to choose a product that doesn’t leave white residue on the cleavage. 

However, do check with a medical professional before using strong clinical or prescription-strength antiperspirants on the sensitive breast areas, so you can avoid any allergies or worse a cancer scare. 

Body wipes and chafing powder are your saviours 

Body wipes make for a quick resolution to under boob sweat — without having to stick or apply anything to them. 

Just carry these wipes in your bag and take that powder break whenever you feel those babies get a little wet. 

What’s more? Body wipes help fight odours, they are chemical-free and make your skin feel fresh and lighter. Another advantage of using wipes is that they are quite gentle on your skin — and are not overly perfumed.

Also, note that friction is the arch-nemesis of the boob health. When your sweaty breasts rub against each other it can cause severe rashes and nipple pain. Over and above this boob-rub friction generates more heat, which in turn creates more sweat. Vicious circle we must say! 

You can break it though. 


Grab a bottle of baby powder! It is the most easily available and affordable product for absorbing sweat, reducing odour, and guarding your skin against rashes and chafing. 

Although, one drawback of baby powder is that it absorbs quickly so using it at home or the night is great, through the day it may not be so effective. 

Also, a secret tip, powders with cornstarch are much more effective than talc-based options. This is because cornstarch is naturally very absorbent, which helps keep skin dry and cool. 

Go on try these hacks, here’s wishing you very happy breast health!

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